As a composer, he has produced works in various genres including:

RECORDERPIECES with keyboard accompaniments for groups of varying sizes from soloists to sextets Works for VIOLIN, VIOLA and CELLO soloists and with PIANO accompaniments

7 SONATAS for the Piano, 1 Trio for the PIANO,7 Trios for a variety of instrumental compositions,

4 STRING QUARTETS, CHANGING LANDSCAPES for five percussionists, violin, viola, cello and piano,

3 SINFONIES, a Passion from the book of Mark and a MASS.


The following compositions were comissioned:

1989 Intense for 2 Alto Recorders at TAGE für NEUE MUSIK WÜRZBURG (Days for New Music in Würzburg, Germany)

1998 Signo IV for FLUTE, CELLO and HARPSICHORD for the 900th anniversary of the city of Künzelsau, Germany

2000 Millennium Ritual for the 1000th anniversary of Hungary

2003 Changing Landscapes for the Hungarian Percussion ensemble Marcato

2006 Markuspassion for the Choir of Ditzingen, Germany

2007 Victimae Paschali Laudes for the  Churchmusic Days in the Church in Fürth, Germany  

2008 Missa, per Organo und Weihnachtsgeschichte for the Church Choir of Ditzingen, Germany

2009 Wintersteps for piano and Symphonic wind orchestra for the KVO Hohenlohe

2010 Atlantis for the 40th anniversary of the Künzelsau Music School, Germany 

2011 cent'anni for the 100th anniversary of the Wilhelmschule Ditzingen

2012 New version piano sonata for the pianist Constantin Servatius (Stuttgart)

2013 Calvaires for Ensemble Calvaires (Stuttgart)

2014 oboe concerto for the oboist Uta Jacob (Stuttgart)

2015 organ sonata for the organist Andreas Gräsle for his 50th birthday

2018 New version Ritual for a string quartet